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Simply and efficiently handle transactions between the players in your ecosystem.

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Compliance guarantee

Lemonway, a major player in third-party collections, is a Payment Institution regulated by the ACPR - Banque de France since 2012

High-performing API

Our PHP, Node.JS, Ruby and Python libraries and numerous plugins guarantee facilitated integration

Secure payment

Our state-of-the-art tools ensure optimal protection against fraud and money laundering

Instantaneous KYC

Our team’s expertise together with OCR-based tools, allow for real-time user verification

Simplified management

A dedicated dashboard allows you to monitor your transactions and the effectiveness of your business

Dedicated platform

Enjoy tailored technical support and personalised account management

They put their trust in us


We are delighted to have elected Lemonway as our new payment institution partner for October. The structure and experience of Lemonway are best suited to support our growth in France as well as our expansion in Europe.

Olivier Goy -
Founder & President

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HelloAsso is very pleased to have chosen Lemonway to secure its payments. The “painless” migration of our thousands of associations perfectly lived up to our expectations thanks to an upscaled KYC process for saving missing documents. This allowed us to reduce our operating risk considerably.

Ismaël Le Mouël -
Founder & President

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Lemon Way provides us with a secure and fast money transfer from a bank account to an investor payment account. That’s the key part of our success ! And when we had questions, the team was always quick to reply and answered thoroughly.

Tobias Leodolter -
Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

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Lemonway is an ideal partner that provides us with the technology, tools and regulatory context necessary to develop a connected platform. Their Implementation team has been present when needed to train our teams.


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Through digital transformation, we hope to simplify the administrative work of football clubs. We were impressed by the adaptability of Lemon Way’s solution, which was perfectly integrated into our information system.

Armelle Kus Saint-Supéry -
Director of Information Systems

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The act of buying or selling a car is far from trivial, and especially between individuals. Carizy, by leaning on Lemonway, makes it possible to ensure the solvency of each buyer, and to respond to our problem of securing and reconciling funds.

Mathias Hioco -
Co-Founder, CEO

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Lemonway is the perfect partner for Housers, it is an accredited payment entity in 29 countries and has been supporting us since the kick off of our platform. Lemonway is now helping us in our international business development

Juan Antonio Balcazar -

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Lemonway supports us on a daily basis to offer an ever more complete Crowdfunding offer and allows us to supply the best user experience possible. They provide a qualitative payment service and their team is always reactive. I highly recommend it!

Nicolas Cougoulic -
Deputy DSI

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