Buy Now Pay Later: Lemonway’s new payment method for B2C marketplaces

12 October 2022

Business Insight

Buy now, pay later. Widely acclaimed by European shoppers, the “Buy Now Pay Later*” feature has become a must-have for B2C product and service marketplaces. To enable these platforms to offer BNPL with ease, Lemonway is enhancing its payment methods with this new offer. This new feature has many advantages for B2C marketplaces. The objective? To allow marketplaces to fully benefit BNPL without having anything to manage!


BNPL: give your buyers the possibility to pay in 3 times!

BNPL is a payment plan for buyers that offers all the advantages of traditional consumer credit without the disadvantages. While BNPL has become the most widely used online payment method in Finland, in France, one in three consumers already uses it. In Europe, it is quite simply the most popular payment method! To meet this growing demand in the B2C world, Lemonway proposes a BNPL offer that includes :

  • Payment in 3 or 4 installments: the payment is divided into several installments
  • 15 or 30-day deferred payment: payment is only made after a certain period

Travel, mobile phones and computers, household appliances, furniture, clothes, sports equipment… BNPL is interesting for marketplaces with an average basket of more than 100 euros, although buyers sometimes appreciate using this payment method for smaller amounts.


BNPL: zero marketplace management, 100% benefits

Easy to integrate, the BNPL feature proposed by Lemonway does not require significant technological developments. The offer includes the data form, risk scoring and credit acceptance upon receipt of the data transmitted by the end-user. Thanks to this mode of operation, the marketplace is not exposed to any risk and has absolutely nothing to manage.

Let’s take the example of a merchant who offers a bicycle for 300 euros. Even if the buyer decides to use BNPL to pay for the purchase in three 100-euro installments, the merchant gets his 300 euros directly. Our partner then takes care of the reimbursement of the 300 euros and, in the event of non-payment, takes care of the collection. Thus, neither the merchant nor the marketplace operator is affected by the BNPL. They get the money as quickly as in a traditional transaction.


BNPL: What are the advantages of Buy Now Pay Later for a B2C marketplace?

The BNPL is a true shopping facilitator and a source of benefits for B2C marketplaces in several ways:

  • Increased conversion rate. With BNPL, it is possible to increase the conversion rate by 20 to 30%. The fact that you can pay for your item in 3 or 4 installments improves the purchasing process and limits friction.
  • Increase in the average basket. Thanks to the BNPL, the average basket is 30 to 50% higher than a classic average basket.
  • Improved customer loyalty to the marketplace. The possibility of paying in installments is appreciated by customers, who will prefer marketplaces offering this option.
  • Reaching a specific target. The possibility of paying in installments is particularly appreciated by the younger generations, Millennials and Gen Z, who are the main users of the feature to date.


Ready to boost your sales with BNPL? Trust the pan-European payment service provider Lemonway, which already supports hundreds of B2C marketplaces in managing their payment flows. Contact one of our payment experts!

*Authorized provider of credit transactions