E-procurement marketplaces and procurement transformation: the answer to tomorrow’s growth challenges [WHITE PAPER]

7 October 2021

Business Insight

Under economic pressure and the emergence of new offers, purchasing processes are being reinvented. New generations of purchasing managers are questioning existing working methods and seeking to build new relationships with their suppliers. E-procurement offers many advantages in this respect, especially via the B2B marketplace model.

Reduction of administrative costs related to purchasing, control of expenses and stocks, simplification of sourcing… The e-procurement marketplace has many advantages and is a perfect response to the dual challenge of time and profitability for purchasing functions. What is an e-procurement marketplace? How does this model meet the challenges of B2B purchasing processes? What steps should be taken to create an e-procurement marketplace? Find out in this white paper everything you need to know on the subject, to transform your purchasing and be more competitive in the future.

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