Jobbing: 5 steps to build trust on your platform

14 December 2021

Business Insight

School support, childcare, personal assistance, DIY, gardening… For several years, new forms of work have been emerging in the form of jobbing marketplaces. These platforms bring together people who offer services and “jobbers” who are looking for paid work. If the boom in jobbing has been made possible by the prosperity of marketplaces, to work, the model requires a climate of trust between jobbers and suppliers. Here are 5 ways to build trust in your jobbing marketplace.


1. Verified opinions to allow suppliers to express themselves

The ancestor of jobbing is none other than the traditional services rendered between neighbours. At one time, this was a common practice, but it has gradually been lost. In addition to reviving this practice, jobbing platforms are making it more professional. Whether the jobbers are individuals or professionals, the services rendered to the suppliers are indeed paid. Also, the service is subject to a certain level of requirements. Offering verified reviews on the platform thus allows suppliers to express themselves on the quality of the service they received. This possibility of communicating about satisfaction or disappointment helps to strengthen the confidence of the suppliers by allowing them to express themselves. This approach also reassures future users of the marketplace. Verified reviews attest to the quality of the services provided by the jobbers.


2. A money-back guarantee to reassure suppliers

To build trust on your platform, you can put in place several guarantees to reassure suppliers. The money-back-guarantee is one of them. Although the practice of jobbing is becoming widespread, it is not yet anchored in the habits. Offerors may therefore hesitate to take the plunge: is it better to call on a traditional professional or to make a request on a jobbing platform? In this respect, offering a “satisfied or reimbursed” guarantee is a major argument to convince them of the advantages of jobbing. If the service provided does not meet their expectations, they are guaranteed not to lose money.


3. An irreproachable after-sales service in the event of a dispute between jobbers and suppliers

Whatever the nature of the commercial relationship, after-sales service is a key service to create an environment of trust between the different actors. Jobbing platforms are no exception to the rule! In the event of a dispute, the suppliers are thus assured that the marketplace will play its role as an intermediary to solve the problem. Also, you should know that it is possible to deploy a specific functionality to resolve disputes directly on the platform. No more waiting on the phone or sending emails: the process is much easier for the suppliers. Therefore, offering an impeccable and directly accessible after-sales service is a real added value to create an environment of trust on your platform.


4. For jobbers: tools that facilitate the management of their activity

If the jobbers are individuals, they likely have neither the time nor the desire to understand how a jobbing platform works. Therefore, it is necessary to create a simple and fluid user experience.

If jobbers are professionals, they need key features to manage their activity. Simple interface, reports, dashboards, job summaries, job cards… Many elements can be set up to optimise their experience.

Deploying tools that facilitate the management of jobbers’ activity is an effective way of encouraging them to place their trust in you.


5. Secure payment services for maximum confidence

Payment is a crucial moment during which trust is granted or lost. For both jobbers and suppliers, it is therefore essential to deploy secure payment services. Suppliers need to be reassured about potential scams or risks of piracy: they should not hesitate to give you their trust when paying. As for the jobbers, they must be guaranteed to be paid for the fruits of their labour. In addition, you should know that some payment solutions offer the possibility of advancing funds to the jobbers, depending on the progress of the project. So, make sure you set up payment solutions adapted to the needs and expectations of the people on your platform, so that trust is never lost again!


Lemonway is a certified payment service provider that offers its expertise to jobbing marketplaces to create an environment of trust between jobbers and suppliers. Do you have a project? Any questions? Tell us about your needs!