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Context & needs

Created at the end of 2013, Workinvoice is a platform specialising in the management of trade receivables on the Italian digital market. Workinvoice provides its clients with access to a new channel to finance their working capital, overcoming the restrictions imposed by banks and factoring companies. The main challenge was to allow customers and investors to speed up the process of integrating with the platform, which has always had a flexible structure but long and complicated payment flows. With the aim of continuing to improve the user experience, Workinvoice decided to turn to a PSP (Payment Service Provider) to reduce integration times and service costs through the use of high-performance APIs.

Matteo Tarroni

CEO, Workinvoice
quote Thanks to our partnership with Lemonway we are able to be the best at what we do and quickly develop new products for our customers. We have seen a high degree of ease of integration right from the start. The back office desktop version is convenient and easy to use for the Operations team, and the KYC and AML processes are efficient and carried out quickly and carefully, while the APIs are flexible and comprehensive.


Lemonway was chosen because of the advantages it offers over its competitors, in line with the need for flexibility, customisation of the service, customer focus and simplicity of integration, development and use.

“In Lemonway we have found the ideal partner to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. We manage to be the best at what we do and develop new products quickly. Our partnership with Lemonway has enabled us to improve the quality and efficiency of our business. “Matteo Tarroni, CEO and founder of Workinvoice, explains.



Very easy to integrate. It took only 2 months to finalise its implementation on the Workinvoice platform.


Efficient and fast KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) processes.


An efficient and fast support team: available for every need and open to new opportunities.

Key results


4 hours to open an account, reduced opening times thanks to the PSP


8 000 fatture anticipate su Lemonway

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