Lemonway and Marjory a turnkey payment solution for marketplaces

28 November 2019


Lemonway & Marjory, a start-up that facilitates the launch and development of B2B marketplaces, are joining forces to make it easy for their clients to integrate customised payment services into their platforms. The goal? To offer platforms a regulated payment process adapted to their needs.

Marjory: facilitating new services’ integration and combination within the marketplace

To provide an optimized response to its marketplaces’ customers – Lemonway goes even further in its platformisation logic by partnering with Marjory, whose innovation allows service providers to connect to each other quickly in order to offer a complete marketplace offer together. Indeed, in the face of its democratization, the real challenge for operators is to differentiate themselves by offering to their customers numerous services in terms of payment, financing, logistics and marketing.

But connecting many frameworks within the same marketplace and combining them (for example, by running a payment service along with a financing service on top of a logistics service) takes time and can be quite costly.

Faced with this observation, Marjory has developed a technology that empowers several providers to be combined using universal connectors. A workflow management module allows services to be placed in a business context and facilitates the the project’s integration into the marketplace’s organization.


Building an ecosystem around marketplaces

Lemon Way x Marjory


The start-up, based on the experience of its founders – Kamel Tansaout (ex Mirakl) and Frédéric Choudat (ex Actility) – in the marketplace universe, offers a solution that combines expertise and technology to facilitate the launch and evolution of marketplaces. Marjory thus speeds up the integration and deployment of a wide range of additional services, such as Finexkap, a cash financing solution for companies or Tripartie, a dispute management solution for marketplaces.

With the ambition of being the reference payment solution for marketplaces, Lemonway has, in this manner, approached Marjory to create, in synergy with other partners in this ecosystem, a combined offer of a turnkey payment solution with high added value!

“In addition to allowing Lemonway to showcase its regulatory and payment expertise to advise clients, the partnership with Marjory highlights a new concentration of players in the marketplace ecosystem. By being all present in the same environment and interacting with one another, we optimize the user experience of marketplaces’ customers.  Indeed, this universal connector favors our strategy to expand our network of partners,” says Yasmine Zeggane, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Lemonway.

This partnership allows a fast and almost automatic integration of the payment’s brick for marketplaces. Marjory offers to connect Lemonway with a multitude of other interfaces. This allows all potential participants to be present in the same environment and to respond effectively to the needs of the marketplaces.