Lemonway’s website is getting a make-over!

5 March 2019

Lemonway news

We promised that there would be lots happening in 2019.

And so there is—in fact, we’ve just launched our new website. Our renovated online home is resolutely contemporary, with an uncluttered interface and an architecture redesigned for easier navigation.

Our updated site also sports a new graphic identity:

the signature Lemonway green is still featured, energised with a smattering of bright, fresh hues!

The other big change is our blog. We’ve rethought this area to better serve our community, with a rich and diverse range of content (videos, infographics and more) falling into four main categories:

  • BUSINESS INSIGHTS: decrypting current trends within the Fintech and payments ecosystem, as well as multi-perspectival analysis of current topics in this business alongside our technology partners
  • LEMONWAY NEWS: Lemonway’s corporate news and events
  • OFFICE CULTURE: Close-up on our HR news (appointments, recruiting, partnerships etc.) as well as on our CSR approach and latest initiatives
  • COMMUNITY: Exciting new contracts and success stories from our clients and partners as well as news of their business.

And, so you may stay up-to-date with all our exciting news and developments, we will soon be launching a newsletter!

Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions with us via our contact form!