Account Manager Lemonway: a real business partner on a daily basis

5 February 2021

Office culture

When you become a Lemonway partner, your account is managed during the first 12 months by the salesperson who accompanied you during the sales and contract negotiation phase. After this period, you have a choice: either you choose what is called “standard” support provided by the support teams, or you can opt to be accompanied by a dedicated Account Manager. What is the role of an Account Manager? How does it help to get more in-depth support? Pierre Casalino and Pamela Palaco, Account Managers for France/Germany and Italy/Spain/Portugal respectively, talk to us about their profession.


The Account Manager, halfway between relationship and product expertise

Account Managers wear both an operational and commercial hat. Their number one role is to be receptive to customer requests and to process these. If there are any requests about compliance issues or technical issues, they centralise the discussions so that a satisfactory response is provided as soon as possible.

As a dedicated contact person, they’re the person to turn to for any urgent request. It’s also the Account Manager who you should seek out first if you want to set up special projects to develop payment management in the marketplace. The Account Manager has in-depth knowledge of the various Lemonway products and has the role of advising you and directing you towards the most suitable solutions.

For all these reasons, Account Management requires perfect, in-depth, practical knowledge of each client. In order to familiarise fully with the payment flow diagram of their accounts receivable, the Account Manager must therefore first conduct an in-depth analysis of each file to identify its needs and special features.


3 good reasons to get supported by an Account Manager


  • A special point of contact. If there is ever a problem or a request about your offer, you can contact your Account Manager by personal email rather than sending a mail to a generic address. For urgent requests, you also have their direct mobile number so you can get hold of them instantly, or if needed you can leave them a voice mail (which is much harder if you only have the support team’s standard phone number). This means you can be certain your requests will be dealt with as quickly as possible.
  • Increased problem solving. The Account Manager is perfectly familiar with your company’s structuring and culture. They have all the information they need to quickly understand your requests and find an appropriate solution, unlike support teams who need time to investigate your history in order to provide you with a suitable solution. Also, if you have a technical question that requires seeking out a specific person in your organisation, the Account Manager already knows who to call to resolve the situation.
  • Unparalleled quality of advice. No matter what your country or sector, your Account Manager has precision knowledge of your market and the challenges you face. They can anticipate your needs and develop your offer in a way that increases your productivity.


Lemonway is a complex solution with a very large product portfolio. In any case, you cannot possibly personally know everything that can and cannot be done. The role of the Account Manager is to show you how to improve your payment processes, by directing you towards the products best suited to your needs.

When you have the dedicated support of Account Managers who are specialised in specific countries, you also benefit from in-depth knowledge of the local market.


Meet our Account Managers!


After my initial experience as an Account Manager in the electronic payment sectors then in finance, I moved to Lemonway over a year ago as an Account Manager.
The development of the commercial relationship comes about through full knowledge of the partner’s organisation and needs. As Account Managers are the preferred points of contact, my job requires me to prioritise being available and responsive, whenever called upon for urgent requests.”

Pierre Casalino, account manager Lemonway Pierre Casalino
France and Germany Account Manager for Lemonway


I came to Lemonway 2 years ago. I started my journey with the Success team, before moving on to Account Management after a year. Playing the role of exclusive contact person and being responsible for existing large accounts in Spain, Portugal and Italy represents a real challenge in my career. This enables me to hone my knowledge of our VIP partners by meeting them on site and building long-term relationships. The role of Account Manager involves defining and implementing strategies, offering tailor-made services, leading commercial negotiations and monitoring KPIs, as well as knowing everything there is to know about our clients’ business sector. Likewise, being able to work directly with Country Managers on action plans for integrating as well as leading international projects in a growing sector is something I find very motivating about my job on a daily basis.”

Pamela Palaco, account manager Lemonway Pamela Palaco
Spain, Portugal and Italy Account Manager for Lemonway

Lemonway offers its partner platforms personalised support for the closest match to their specificities and needs.Feel free to contact us to find out more!