An intuitive and simplified employee experience

15 October 2019

Office culture

No more endless processes, no more puzzles over files to be filled out or mistakes on pay slips. Lemonway is reinventing its internal processes and has thus surrounded itself with an ecosystem of French start-ups in its own image—agile and dynamic—the better to offer its employees greater flexibility and optimise the work of its administrative teams. Time saving, autonomy, operational efficiency… The likes of Payfit, Spendesk, Lunchr and Javelo offer their many advantages to employees and HR teams at Lemonway.

Payfit and the ultimate digitalisation of HR administrative tasks

No need to contact the HR department for a copy of your 2018 pay slip. Payfit not only acts as a digital library in which this type of document is stored, but also handles paid leave, absences and teleworking. Through their personal space, every employee can fill out vacation requests, find out how many days they left and thus avoid the nuisance of a sometimes-lengthy interview with a manager.

Spendesk and intuitive expense management

To manage your expense reports without having to call on HR or accounting teams, Spendesk has developed a tool that allows employees to intuitively manage all expenses related to their functions. This is a way of decentralising responsibilities that often fell to accountants and giving employees more flexibility in managing their purchases.

Javelo for managing goals in collaborative mode  

In the world of FinTechs, agility is the first factor in success. But setting objectives in line with the needs of the company and its employees requires equally agile management. Thanks to Javelo, employees can define their own objectives and achieve them independently. Managers, for their part, can continuously monitor the performance and objectives of their teams, making it possible to assess these in a consistent manner.

Lunchr and the new improved meal voucher

Meal vouchers are becoming extinct in favour of the meal ticket debit cards that have invaded the market. These offer savings of time and money, particularly Lunchr, which provides a Mastercard that make it possible for employees to pay for eligible purchases at all restaurants and shops that accept restaurant vouchers in France. The start-up also has a mobile app for tracking your balance and transaction history. Even more innovative, the app also enables you to order online or find a restaurant nearby.

Alan and responsive health insurance

Lemonway also offers more agility in its supplemental health insurance with insurtech Alan. Approved by the ACPR Banque de France, Alan offers the same range of services as traditional insurance, but is faster, more transparent and flexible. No more delayed contract openings, Alan’s supplementary insurance guarantees that all new employees can be covered from their first day at the company. Pay-outs are also more attractive and processed in a shorter time frame than traditional insurers. Alan furthermore offers a more intuitive and streamlined user experience, which greatly simplifies interactions with one’s health insurance provider.

In short, in order to innovate and reinvent longstanding internal processes within a company that inhabits disruption, Lemonway has chosen to combine its skills with those of select partners, so that HR teams can now focus on the true essence of their function: people.

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