Interview with… Audrey Toussaint, Head of People at Lemonway

31 August 2021

Office culture

Among the challenges facing start-ups, achieving hyper-growth at each stage of development is crucial. 

From structuring processes to recruiting in numbers, HR has a key role to play in supporting the company’s growth. Lemonway is no exception to the rule with more than 120 employees of 20 different nationalities. Beyond the challenges related to recruitment, the HR department is responsible for creating a work environment that helps employees reaching their full potential. 

To this end, many are underway at Lemonway… Interview with Audrey Toussaint, Lemonway’s HR Director.


Who are you and what is your role at Lemonway?

I joined Lemonway in July 2020 as Head of People.

Previously, I worked in large French and international companies, especially in FrenchTech. My role is to support the company’s growth from recruitment to talent management.

What are your goals in terms of recruitment?

Since January 2021, we have welcomed 41 new employees. Our recruitment needs are mainly in the areas of Tech/Product, Compliance, and Customer Care. 

The first objective of our team is to recruit the best talents in Fintech and French Tech, for our different departments. To support this ambition, we aim to reduce our recruitment time and create a real (candidate) and employee experience from day 1 at Lemonway. We are also working to create great working conditions for productivity and fulfilment.

What actions do you plan to put in place to meet all these challenges?

I am convinced that mentoring is the key to any change. We recently welcomed a new member to our HR department whose main role will be to coach managers and facilitate access to training – particularly in the development of knowledge of the payment world, but not only: it is a question of supporting their rise in skills in line with the company’s ambitions.

Is Lemonway a good place to work?

Yes, and we’re doing everything we can to ensure to remain as it is despite the challenges of hypergrowth! In addition to the onboarding project, we have a major project around the harmonization of salaries and benefits. The objective is to be competitive in the market and to have this project contribute to the retention plans of our employees based in France, Italy, Germany, and the UK. 

What methods do you use to measure employee engagement?

To observe the impact and the social and cultural change, we deploy every quarter a satisfaction survey (eNPS) to measure the adherence of employees to the different projects and new policies. This allows us to identify areas for improvement and actions that we need to repeat. It is very useful to gather very relevant feedback, knowing that each department has different needs. That’s why we work hand in hand with managers, who make a major contribution to employee satisfaction

A final word?

2021 is a pivotal year for Lemonway

In the history of every successful company, there is always “THE MOMENT” to join that company before it takes off. For Lemonway, that time is now. 

So I invite all the talents who have not yet applied to do so as they will have the opportunity to change their career and help impact the Fintech industry.

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