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Cocolabs is specialized in building B2B, B2C, and C2C service marketplaces. The service industry is being revolutionized; Cocolabs accompanies you during this revolution.

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Cocolabs builds tailor-made platforms to enable its clients to launch the next Airbnb or Upwork.

Founded in 2016, Cocolabs assists companies in designing and building their marketplace (B2B, B2C and C2C) by offering them the best solution on the market. What is so special about Cocolabs? Its Cocorico technology. It is the world’s most feature-rich marketplaces solution, it is Open Source and it is appreciated by a broad community of developers and entrepreneurs. More than 70 service or rental marketplaces – and counting – are made in Cocolabs.

Marketplaces are democratizing the online services industry. Cocolabs takes part in this movement by acting directly with the decision makers to revolutionize the sale of services. Who are they? They range from startups to large companies, all in their digitization process.

Erik Desloges
VP Sales & Partnerships

As the market leader for service marketplaces, it is our duty to offer our customers a reliable solution that will bring success to their marketplaces. Turning a prospect into a customer on an e-commerce site is already proving to be a difficult undertaking, so you can’t lose them when they try to pay. Therefore, what could be better than a payment solution specialized for marketplaces?

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