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Unified payment solution

A secure and efficient solution for the management of payment accounts, a powerful API offering an optimised customer experience, AML/CFT and KYC compliant tools, a complete and ergonomic dashboard…

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Manage your payment flows with a unified solution

Management and reconciliation

Efficient centralised management of your payment accounts

Take advantage of a complete payment solution that allows you to automate your processes and manage your activity from A to Z:

  1. Create payment accounts instantly
  2. Streamline the collection and isolation of funds from many countries and automate the reconciliation of your payment flows
  3. Automate the management of your commissions

Increase productivity and opt for a smooth and simplified all-round payment experience for the management of your business.

Testing and integration

A powerful API for developers

The confidence of a reliable and scalable API used daily by thousands of platforms. Our PHP, Node.JS, Ruby and Python libraries, downloadable from GitHub, are at your disposal for a quick and simplified integration.

We make it a point to evolve our solution in a way to keep it as close as possible to your expectations. Using our REST API, you can also try out new features, test them in your sandbox environment and upgrade your platform.

Rest assured! Our team will support you during the testing phases, before and after the start of production.


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A unified solution to fight fraud and minimise risk

Online platforms are subject to European Anti-Money Laundering/Combating the Financing of Terrorism requirements (AML/CFT) and are responsible for identifying their users. Protect your business from fraudulent actions and minimise risk by automating your KYC (Know your Customer) procedures.

Industrialise the sending and control of the documents required to open payment accounts using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology and streamline the customer journey. If necessary, our KYC experts perform additional visual checks on the required documents to identify the different types of entities in your ecosystem (natural and legal persons).


Accelerated opening of payment accounts thanks to Instant KYC

With our instant KYC feature, the identity of your users is verified in less than a minute and payment accounts are opened immediately for individuals:

  1. Create a quick and easy connection to your customers through fully automated KYC procedures, from identifying your customers through to opening their payment account, verifying and validating the documents required for KYC procedures
  2. Offer a simplified customer experience and fast onboarding for your platform
  3. Improve your conversion rates with an optimised payment experience

KYC has never been so quick and easy!


More information on KYC


A multitude of payment methods and currencies available for your platform

We cover the main international and alternative payment methods (CB, Visa, MasterCard, Sepa Credit Transfers, Sepa Direct Debits, Paylib, Bank cheques, Sofort, iDeal, etc.) and we also offer a payment system in 14 operational currencies including so-called “hard” currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, AUD).

There is also a wide choice of available payment methods:

  1. Single payment or instalments
  2. Deferred payment
  3. Subscription payments

In short, you shape the right solution for your platform and the needs of your customers!


Virtual IBAN for simplified processing of your transfers

Generating virtual IBANs allows you to optimise the user experience by making it easier to receive funds directly into the virtual IBAN associated with a payment account.

Bank transfers are processed and credited to the beneficiary accounts without further action to provide full automation of reconciliation flows.


More information on Virtual IBAN


Faster Money-out offers instant receipt of outgoing funds

Give your users and beneficiaries the possibility of receiving their funds in their bank account instantly for a user experience that makes you stand out from the rest.

Faster Money-Out saves 24 to 48 hours on the receipt of outgoing transfers by a beneficiary bank account.

The satisfaction of your users is our priority!


More information on Faster Money-Out


The secure management of your business

Lemonway has been protecting the funds of thousands of platforms with robust and innovative technology since 2012. Your funds are isolated and their availability is assured at all times!

Our secure servers guarantee optimal protection of your transactions and our IT experts carry out permanent checks to certify a 99.9% level of reliability and availability of our infrastructure.

All transaction data is hosted in the European Union in data centres that meet RGPD and PCI DSS standards.


More information on our Status Page


An intuitive dashboard for a complete monitoring of your business

View and monitor all your transactions and your main performance indicators in real time via your all-in-one management interface. Use your transaction data, minimise your fraud and non-payment rates while optimising your procedures.

All the features of our API are accessible via your dashboard for a full management of your users, their transactions and your commissions.

Launch your marketplace using Lemonway

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