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Context & needs

Launched at the end of 2018, BeeWee is ENGIE’s B2B marketplace for buying and selling spare parts within the group’s various entities. The first version of the platform was exclusively dedicated to connecting sellers and buyers. The need was soon felt to conduct financial transactions directly from the platform, in a secure manner and according to an appropriate regulatory framework; this inevitably meant securing a Payment Service Provider (PSP). To accelerate the development of BeeWee, Engie had turned to Wizaplace and wanted the latter’s partner, Lemonway, to manage financial transactions inside the

“We had 4 levels of requirements—functional and technological coverage, compliance, pricing and support—Lemonway met all of them perfectly. And they did so within a complex environment that requires a bespoke system as transactions are international and significant sums may change hands,’ says Sophie Guignard, Head of Digital Platform.”

Sophie Guignard

Head of Digital Platform, BeWee by Engie
quote We had 4 types of requirements: functional and technological coverage, compliance, price and support - to which Lemonway responded perfectly.
All in a complex context which required a tailor-made solution since financial transactions are carried out internationally, sometimes transactions of very large amounts.


In addition to personalised management of payment flows from purchase to disbursement, Lemonway has focussed on developing KYC requirements that fit the needs and standards of the ENGIE Group.

“We were looking for more than technology and agility; above all, we wanted a partner capable of responding to our legal and security issues. Our team worked closely with those of Lemonway and Wizaplace to achieve a successful custom solution, concludes Sophie Guignard.”



Secure, guaranteed and facilitated transactions between sellers and buyers


Reduced costs associated with owning and storing goods thanks to sales of excess inventory


Reduced repair times thanks to faster procurement

Key results


Approximately 10 countries covered, mainly in Europe and the Middle East


Items for sale on the platform


Rare items whose value may be in the hundreds of thousands of euros

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