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Originally created in France under the name Lendix, October is an online loan platform targeting SMEs that has quickly made a name for itself as a reference in the realm of peer-to-peer financing. Seeing the increasing success of their solution, October sought to rapidly expand in Europe, beginning with Spain and Italy. However, this mission proved complicated and fussy with their previous Payment Services Provider (PSP). October turned to Lemonway, with whom they were familiar via Finsquare, a crowdfunding loan site partner of Lemonway’s that October acquired in 2016.

‘We met with a number of PSPs and Lemonway proved the best equipped to support us, not only internationally but also in our overall project, thanks to their in-depth knowledge of our ecosystem,’ explained Matthieu de Fréminville, Project Manager at October.

Olivier Goy

Olivier Goy

Founder & President
quote We are delighted to have elected Lemonway as our new payment institution partner for October. The structure and experience of Lemonway are best suited to support our growth in France as well as our expansion in Europe.


Lemonway oversaw the migration and the deployment of October’s platform in Spain at the end of 2016, then in Italy in 2017, followed by the Netherlands in 2018. October uses Lemonway’s technology for management and real-time tracking of payment flows between lenders and borrowers, both at the time of investment and repayment. Lemonway also assists October with identifying users with respect to EU regulations: KYC, combating fraud and money laundering, etc.

‘As a Crowdfunding Financial Intermediary (CFI), we are subject to the same regulatory requirements and obligations regarding vigilance and transparency as Lemon Way. This way, we have two levels of controls, and we have near-daily exchanges with the Lemonway teams on everything from shared practices to problems encountered and solutions found. We’re moving forward together, which is very valuable!’ concludes Matthieu de Fréminville.


International support

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Attentiveness of Lemonway teams

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